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Mansfield Plumbing Inc. and Mansfield General Contracting are very pleased with Wize Insurance & Risk Management. Ralph Wize has provided excellent service for all of our insurance needs for the last few years. We highly recommend Wize Insurance!

Rhonda Cassidy

Masfield Plumbing Inc. and Mansfield General Contracting




General liability insurance protects your business against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and advertising or personal injury liability, providing coverage in situations like a customer or vendor slipping on ice outside your business. This coverage can save you from costly legal and medical bills and a serious financial impact on your business. 

Business property insurance provides coverage for your business’s physical property, including buildings, equipment, inventory, and other assets, protecting you against losses or damages from fires, natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.

We provide peace of mind, so you can focus on growing your business and achieving your goals. You already have a lot on your plate, worrying about insurance shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we take the time to listen to your needs and concerns, developing a customized plan that will protect your business from unexpected accidents or disasters.  


Commercial vehicles bring a unique set of risks and exposures that require specialized insurance coverage. Whether you’re a small business owner with a single vehicle or a larger company with a fleet, we can help you protect your business and personal assets from the additional exposure that commercial automobiles can bring with commercial auto insurance.

Collisions involving business vehicles can be particularly costly because damage to goods and equipment may occur in addition to the damage to the vehicle. Theft, vandalism, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage are also top considerations for commercial auto insurance.

At Wize Insurance & Risk Management, we work with a variety of insurance carriers to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage options available. We will work with you to assess your needs and find a policy that fits your requirements and uniqure risk profile.


 If you own a business that serves alcohol, it is crucial to understand the many risks involved in protecting your personal assets and your business assets properly. Not only is liquor liablity insurance required in most states, if you serve a customer who becomes intoxicated and causes property damage or injury to themselves or others, your business could be held responsible. Legal costs can be expensive and result in severe financial loss even if you win a court case. 

Protect yourself and your business from this type of risk with liquor liability insurance. We understand the unique risks associated with serving alcohol and will help you find the right liquor liability insurance to protect your business. Don’t let alcohol incidents put you at risk, Wize Insurance & Risk Management will help you find the right liquor liability insurance for you.


Workers’ compensation insurance provides essential coverage for employees who are injured while working on the job or traveling for work. In most states, businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage for employees to help cover medical bills, care costs, and even a portion of lost wages. Failure to hold this coverage can result in hefty legal penalties. 

Some policies go beyond the legal minimums and will also pay for legal costs if an employee sues over a workplace injury. This added protection gives you peace of mind, preventing devastating financial loss. Assessing your risks and finding the best workers’ compensation insurance plan for you starts with the Wize personal approach. We talk to you, reviewing your business and recommending the right coverage to protect your business from unexpected disasters or accidents, and let you achieve your business goals with confidence.


Providing coverage for claims made against members serving on a board of directors or an officer, directors and officers liability insurance protects your senior leadership or individuals responsible for making important business decisions. But if these choices turn out to be poor ones, they can be very costly. Non-criminal acts such as mistakes or omissions in company accounts or financial documents, failure to properly enforce human resources policies, and wrongful decisions are generally covered under a D&O liability insurance plan.

We will find the right plan for you, detailing the coverage period terms, which can vary between when the claim against the person is made versus when the mistake or failure occurred. At Wize Insurance & Risk Management, we will ensure you are covered and understand your policies to protect yourself and your business. 



Commercial crime insurance covers physical property and financial theft, such as fraud, siphoning funds, and bogus invoicing. These events pose a serious risk to your business, especially as technology advances create more opportunities for scams and schemes. Some business crime insurance provides advice or support, reducing the risk of such crimes from occurring. Additionally, some insurers provide expert investigators who can increase the chances of finding the culprit if a crime does occur.

Some employers may face employment practices lawsuits, which often allege discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and workplace conditions. Employing people can be a challenging task and often feels like navigating a legal minefield. That’s why Wize is here to proactively manage your risk with employment practices liability insurance.

Most employment practices and liability insurance policies typically cover cases resulting from unintentional action or failure to act rather than deliberate discrimination or other wrongful practices. Wize Insurance & Risk Management will help you review your business’s unique needs, identify any gaps in coverage or set you up with a new policy. Your customized plan will protect your business and provide you peace of mind, knowing your business is protected from legal action.



A surety bond offers a guarantee that an investment in a project won’t be lost, regardless of whether or not the work gets done, and is common in the construction industry. Imagine a contractor building a new office building for a government agency that wants to guarantee the taxpayers won’t have to pay out of pocket if the contractor fails to deliver the offices as promised. The contractor pays the premium to the insurer who purchases the surety bond, and if the contractor fails to deliver, the compensation is paid out to the agency. Contact Wize Insurance & Risk Management to secure the appropriate surety bond for your business.

Commercial umbrella insurance supplements, or fills in, where existing insurance policies end, giving you an additional layer of protection for your business. Most business insurance policies have a payout limit, leaving your business responsible for any expenses exceeding this limit and jeopardizing your business. A commercial umbrella policy kicks in when your primary coverage has been exhausted, covering the remaining costs. Commercial umbrella insurance is a great way to further protect your assets, and Wize Insurance & Risk Management is here to help.



Businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks or data breaches. Cyber insurance is designed to protect businesses and provides coverage for these risks, as well as system failures, cyber extortion, legal fees, and other costs associated with regulatory investigations and lawsuits resulting from cyber incidents. Some cyber insurance can also provide access to employee training and incident response planning.

Business interruption insurance, or dependent properties insurance, covers your business when it’s forced to shut down due to a covered loss, like if a fire were to occur at a supplier’s warehouse and prevent delivery of necessary materials or a pipe bursts in your office making it impossible to work there. Business interruption coverage would cover the costs associated with the loss or the necessary arrangements to continue with business as usual.

Each of these business insurance options is important for you to consider but can be confusing and overwhelming, leading to business owners being underinsured and exposed. Our Wize agents will get to know you and your business, answering your questions to find the right plan that covers your unique risks.

Business Owners Trust Wize Insurance & Risk Management

Ralph Wize is my insurance agent for my home, car, and business! He is an incredible person, a fantastic agent, and will instantly make you feel like family! He will find your answers, the best deals and checks in to see just how you’re doing. I highly recommend, no encourage you to give him a call! And yes, he did save me money on my insurance!!!

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Wize Insurance & Risk Management always makes sure we are in compliance.

Larry Williams

Ralph continues to treat me as a person, not a file number. He responds to questions regarding my policy with answers I can understand and helps make my policy what I need it to be.

Patricia Brown

The personal touch. You make your customers feel comfortable. You know your product, and you know insurance. Since I have worked in the insurance industry for a little over 40 years, I can size up a person fairly quickly. I will enjoy having you as my agent and have already recommended my co-worker to you as well.

Phil Holleman

Wize Insurance was prompt and always available. Ralph was willing to listen to my company’s needs and provide me with what I needed without the unnecessary extras. Genuine customer service!

Very timely when it comes to Certificates of Insurance, which is very important to us at BurnCo Integration.

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